Roles and Permissions

If you're a team admin, you can manage what functionality other users can access by hitting command / ctrl + k → "Roles". The following roles are available:

  • Admin - Full access to the app including administrative features
  • User - Full access to the app excluding administrative features
  • Restricted - Allows you to select functionality / permissions individually
    • sql.view - ability to view SQL on /run in the app
    • sql.run - ability to run SQL on /run in the app
    • blocks.all - access all blocks
    • blocks.tagged - access to only certain tags (see
      Tags and Search
      • use the tag.[tagname] permissions to control which blocks the user can see
    • blocks.view - ability to view blocks on / in the app (the "home" page)
    • addon.run - ability to view and run blocks from the
      Google Sheets Addon
    • form.run - ability to run
    • docs.view - ability to view Docs