Query Sheets using SQL


With SeekWell you can query a Google Sheet using plain SQL (

to be specific) and send the results of the query to another Sheet. You can also Slack or email the results.



  1. Select "Sheets / CSV / Block" as the source
  2. image
  3. Add a Sheet to your from statement by typing {{NAME}} . Replace NAME with a one word short reference to the Sheet / table, e.g. {{users}})
  4. In the "Params" section, pick "Sheets" as the type
  5. image
    If you're data starts in A1 and the table is the only thing in the sheet, you can use the Sheet name. Otherwise you need to specify the range for your table (e.g. revenue!A:C)
  6. Write the rest of your SQL statement as you normally would

Tips and Tricks

  • You must use a SQL alias for the Sheet / table (e.g. from {{users}} as u)
  • You can use this feature to email a summary of a Sheet via a Story or a full table as a CSV

select r.email,  u.channel
{{revenue}} as r inner join 
{{users}} as u on r.email = u.email
limit 10