Send data from SQL to Google Sheets

  1. Make sure you've authorized the app here.
  2. After you've written SQL that pulls the data you want, click on "Click to edit destination" in the right sidebar
  3. Select a Spreadsheet, Sheet and cell. If the Sheet doesn't exist, make sure you click "add it" (SeekWell will insert the new Sheet)
  4. Click "Run"
  5. To set a schedule, click "Click to set Schedule" after "Repeat".

Appending (instead of replacing) data

You can also append results instead of replacing the prior results by checking off "Append". A couple things to note:

  • You need to start your data in A1. Use a formula if you need the data placed somewhere specific on another sheet (e.g. put your daily data on daily!A1 then reference daily in your dashboard sheet as a formula).
  • You can't have blank values in the first column
  • Checking the append option ommits column names. If you need an easy way to get all the column names, just write it without the Append option first and copy the column names.