Active Campaign

Active Campaign



  1. Go to
  2. Search for Active Campaign and click on “Add”
  1. Find your API credentials at
    1. Copy the API Url and API Key and authorize the app in SeekWell

Syncing data to Active Campaign

  1. Start a new block at
  2. Write a SQL statement and run the query to verify the results are as expected.
  3. Under "Destination" on the right, select "Active Campaign".
  1. Select your “object” (e.g. contacts) and “operation” (e.g. create).
  2. Map your columns
    1. Click on "Mapping” (above the query results)
    2. Map the fields in “Source” and “Destination”
    3. image
  3. Click "Test Sync". Your results will appear in Active Campaign within a few seconds.