SeekWell API

You can automatically trigger any block to run by sending a request to "https://api.seekwell.io/run_one" along with your Block ID, an API key, and optional parameters.


1. Open the web app and hit command / ctrl + k -> “API” to generate an API key.

2. Go to your block that you would like to trigger programmatically, and copy the Block ID from the URL as shown below.

3. Post a request to "https://api.seekwell.io/run_one" with your Block ID, API Key, and optional parameters (example using Python Requests HTTP library).

4. (Optional) If the block you are triggering has Parameters, you can set those parameters in your request JSON. In the example below, I'm sending user data to a Google Sheet based on which channel they signed up through (facebook, twitter, etc.).


The "parameters" in your request JSON should be an array of dictionaries containing the name-value pairs of each of the Parameters you want to set, as in the code below.

data = {
            'blockId': long_id_from_url_in_step_2,
            'api_key': api_key_from_step_1,
						'parameters': [{'name':'channel','value':'facebook'}]
url = 'https://api.seekwell.io/run_one'
response = requests.post(url, json=data)

Use Case: Setting up a Zap

You can set up Zapier to trigger a block to run by using the SeekWell API as a webhook.


  1. Make a new Zap and create the App Event or schedule you want to trigger your SeekWell Block to run.
  2. Make an Action and choose "Webhooks" as your App and "Post" as your Action Event.
  3. Enter the SeekWell API URL along with the required data fields.
  4. Your block should then run whenever the Zap is triggered!